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School Uniform

On all working days and at school functions, children are expected to wear the uniform prescribed for the season.


Class Nur-UKG
Boys : Red T-shirt with multicolored check shorts,
Blue sock with red stripes, Blue Patka (for Sikh boys), Black shoes with flap.

Girls: Red coloured tunic joined with multicolored skirt, Red satin thin ribbons,
Black shoes with flap.

Class Ist - VI 
Boys: Purple stripes shirt with blue denim shorts (I to IV),
Pants (V&VI), Blue socks with purple stripes , School Belt,
Tie, Blue Patka(For Sikh boys), Black shoe with flap.

Girls: Purple stripe shirt with blue denim divided skirt,
blue socks with purple stripes, school belt, blue satin thin ribbons,
black shoes with flap.

PT Uniform (Ito VI): House T-Shirts alongwith white track pants on Wednesday and Saturdays.

Aryabhatta House - Cyan colour          Bhaskar House - Plum colour
Kalpana House     -  Red colour           Rohini House    - Yellow colour

Note: School ID card is to compulsory in school.
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